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Agile Consulting: Business Analysis

Seilevel is a business analysis and product management company that helps lead Fortune 1000 companies to deliver quality software whose value increases significantly through the business analysis and product management process. Our expertise in business analysis allows us to save companies from spending more money than they need to with the application of our software requirements methodology, our keen ability to identify the needs of a company, and the expertise to utilize their resources to fulfill business goals. We have found that many of the reasons that IT projects fail are because of poor business analysis, requirements documentation, and traceability. The agile methodology we employ within our consulting guarantees clear objectives, clear communication, a solid foundation of requirements, and more. Seilevel also conducts agile business analysis and product owner training.  Our training and mentoring to business analysts allows us to engage with our clients to teach effective requirements development and build your business analysis capabilities.  Expect Seilevel to solve the most common IT challenges, deliver quantifiable value, and restructure organizations to better align with business needs.  
Frustrated with late projects?
Concerned about switching to agile delivery?
Disappointed with finished products that users don’t want to use?
Upset that your projects don’t deliver intended ROI?
Worried about projects being over-budget?

Seilevel agile consultants will help get your company and business analysts up to speed with the latest developments in agile product management. Our methodology and resources have changed the ways that companies work on projects while saving them time and money. For more help, contact us.

Agile Project Management

Seilevel improves the efforts of your team on an IT project and becomes a part of your team through embedded coaching, mentoring, and training. The key is implementing our unique approach in providing effective project deliverables, teaching your staff how to create cohesive software requirements, and product planning. We even designed our own Requirements Modeling Language where we use visual models to discover the true business need for each IT project.  Seilevel's principals, Anthony Chen and Joy Beatty, literally wrote the book on Visual Models, including a crucial element of software requirements definition -- the business objectives model.  Our consultants are well versed in the agile methodology for quality development and optimal project management because they are handpicked, trained, tested, and certified in executing our method.

Agile Product Management

Sometimes the products, your company creates, has many features that you think buyers are going to use; however, these features are not used to their full capacity. The truth is that only 65% of features in software are rarely, if ever, used. An experienced and skilled product manager can make a difference in cutting costs and delivering a product that is used more extensively. Using success statements of what the expected outcome for the project is, market analysis, and the expertise of Seilevel’s product managers, our agile product management consultants are ready and capable of handling your most challenging and high priority projects.