Advanced Business Analysis Training

Once your team has a solid understanding of requirements fundamentals, our advanced business analysis training courses are designed to continue the professional development and growth of analysts. Our advanced program requires foundational requirements training prior to participating in classes to ensure the best learning environment possible for all involved.

Advanced Business Analysis Course Description

This is an advanced level course which builds on the knowledge and experience a business analyst will have obtained after some years in the role. It takes the professional analyst to the next level in terms of delivering effective and realistic solutions to real business problems.

Covering important management and leadership aspects of the analysis role, with a focus on value added approaches to the delivery of business systems, this course is a significant building block on the analyst’s career path from practitioner to expert. Find out more…

The Senior Business Analyst Course Description

This three-day course is designed to bring the experienced Business Analyst to the next level, moving from a core requirements analysis role to a senior role for evidence based, hands-on business problem solving and mentoring of teams. Find out more…

Leadership in Business Analysis Course Description

It’s well known that business analysts and product managers require strong analysis and communication skills, but other important skills are often overlooked – leadership skills. Our own product managers go through leadership training once they have a few years of experience under their belts. We developed our leadership program, building from general leadership resources to adapt them to the type of scenarios that analysts most commonly encounter. This type of course benefits from teaching the concepts but also having discussions on every topic to think about to handle past situations differently and to practice for future ones. Find out more…


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