Agile Methodology Adoption

Agile Transformation is part of our Center of Excellence service in which help you improve your product ownership results by making your requirements methodology more agile. This service can be adapted to teams who are newly moving to agile approaches as well as those who are agile but aren’t seeing the expected results yet.

As part of Agile Transformation, Seilevel can help you:

  • Assess where your product owners and business analysts are with eliciting, documenting and elaborating requirements/user stories
  • Assess product owners and other team member dynamics in agile meetings (standups, reviews, etc.)
  • Customize the Seilevel reference methodology to incorporate agile principles and delivery into your current organization
  • Create a roadmap for how your company can move all projects/project teams onto the new agile methodology
  • Select and implement a tool for agile requirements
  • Coach your current product owners, business analysts, and product managers on the new agile methodology
  • Embed with your current project teams to mentor and adapt the methodology in practice
  • Train your team members on both requirements, modeling and elicitation in general as well as the specifics of how to be a product owner