Agile Development

Agile Development. The practical implications of developing software in an agile fashion has been recognized the world over. While the concept behind “going agile” has become more than just a buzz word these days, gaining experience in actually working on agile projects is still in its early stages. Our own team undergoes agile training and mentoring — a program developed by Seilevel’s leadership that is both a requirement for our employee’s professional growth and a curriculum frequently requested by our clients. This further allows us to to build on agile development for a company. The agile project environment we work in changes from company to company, so we are not agile purists. We have seen that, as the name implies, a level of flexibility is required when working towards prioritization and documentation of features in project sprints. The level of IT project support also varies depending on an organization’s understanding and implementation of an agile approach.

  • Are you dismayed trying to prioritize user stories?
  • Is your team struggling to even identifying them?
  • Is your team frustrated with implementing the agile process?
  • Are your teams having a rough time doing just-in-time analysis?
  • Have you run aground trying to steer agile adoption on some projects and not others?

Seilevel’s Product Owners and Scrum Masters can help you resolve these types of problems in agile development and achieve your business goals.

Agile Scrum Master Role in Agile Development

Being a leader to help the Scrum team get the job done…that is what Scrum Masters do in the agile development process. Their role is to protect the process and remove impediments to the Scrum team, to help them function as efficiently as possible. At Seilevel, our Scrum Masters understand the role and the challenges and complexities that the role entails.

Do any of these sound familiar:

  • Failing to make agile work with remote teams?
  • Disappointed with results in rolling out agile on large teams across a big enterprise?
  • Frustrated making agile work on your project when you are integrating with teams that aren’t also agile?

Our Scrum Masters help drive Scrum teams to reach business goals by facilitating release and sprint planning, daily standups, grooming sessions, sprint demos and retrospectives in agile development.

We work with your agile teams to:

  • Be the leader of the Scrum process
  • Remove impediments or roadblocks the Scrum team faces
  • Coordinate with Product Owners to keep the product backlog groomed
  • Protect the Scrum team from disturbances
  • Act as a mentor or coach to other Scrum Masters
  • Coach the Scrum team on Scrum practices and ceremonies
  • Facilitate the Scrum of Scrums
  • Drive continuous improvements

Agile Development Using an Agile Product Owner

Product Ownership is the shared and cooperative responsibilities between the Product Owner (PO), Business Analyst, Product Manager and others critical to delivering the right product. At Seilevel, we can help your company understand product ownership, whether you’re making the move to an agile development cycle, or just want to reach that elusive goal of continuous deployment.

Our approach to product ownership blends agile principles with visual requirements models to ensure that we have just the right information at the right level at the right time for agile development to begin. Our product owners can help you on agile projects by:

  • Loading the backlog with things like epics and user stories: Using visual models to help ensure critical stories aren’t forgotten
  • Grooming the backlog: Prioritizing the backlog by tying stories to business objectives so that the most valuable items are completed first
  • Working with other POs, interlocking teams, and business representatives to prioritize the backlog according to the business objectives
  • Elaborating the stories into acceptance criteria
  • Working with the agile delivery team to help everyone understand the user stories
  • Assisting with sprint planning and review
  • Acting as a mentor or coach for other product owners