Business Process Management – BPM

BPM Software Implementation

Business Process Management (BPM) focuses on improving corporate performances by managing and optimizing a company’s business processes. Even with today’s digital and technology evolution, much of a company’s business processes and documentation are still manual outputs. These necessary steps are time-intensive and cumbersome, and cost a lot in resources. Appian software actually gives businesses the ability to automate most of these processes, so your team can focus on more important tasks. arcBPM has a detailed approach to implementing automation programs like Appian; our team can help make sure the money invested in such a large undertaking is well spent. We focus only on the things that are sure to add to your company’s bottom line for maximum ROI.

  • Frustrated with wasted time on mundane manual activities?
  • Struggling to outline and document your business processes?
  • Anxious about defining or forecasting tangible financial results from BPM automation?

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Business Process Management

Whether your business process management (BPM) plan needs to be tailored to your people, your technology or both, Seilevel will assess current state, identify various business processes and how they interact, and build out detailed plans for solid BPM execution. The first step to automating business processes is to document them, then identify gaps and redundancies, then create a cohesive ‘map’ that includes all integration features. Seilevel’s visual modeling capabilities are used throughout each phase so BPM is documented, defined and easy to interpret by everyone involved.

Outcomes-Centric Approach

Business objectives are the single most important thing that every project should understand and define, so all efforts can be prioritized against the value that the project is delivering to the business. Some projects will need additional definition around key performance indicators (KPIs) as well, to ensure that they maintain performance standards from existing systems and processes in place as replacement systems are deployed. This is Seilevel’s area of expertise. We outline and define your BPM plan, then create detailed visual models and documentation, all of which are focused on your company’s financial benefit.

Deployment Solutions

In order to ensure successful user adoption of any new software, careful attention must be given to the user acceptance testing phase and post-launch training materials. Various visual models, like Use Cases, can be used to create user acceptance test scripts that business users can execute. Similarly, most of the documentation efforts and visual models created during the development phase can be converted into training materials, so users can learn about the new system while minimizing training material development effort.