User Interface Flow

User Interface Flows show graphically how a user will navigate a solution’s user interface. User Interface Flows are system models the show how different pages of a user interface are connected and how a user can step through various pages of the system. User Interface Flows are typically comprised of screens and navigation paths between various screens. They are different from Process or System Flows because they do not describe how a user or system completes a task/activity but rather describes how a user might physically navigate the interface system.

Example of UI Flow Model


 Using User Interface Modeling for Mobile Devices (Gesture Mapping)

Seilevel has also created icons and stencils for use in developing a UI Flow for mobile devices (including images for gestures to enhance mapping of actions / responses of the screen).

User Interface Flow for Mobile Gesture Mapping

Click here to download a copy of these Visio templates for gesture mapping.

For more information:

Learn more about requirements models in our book Visual Models for Requirements.(See Chapter 14 for User Interface Flow), or check out our requirements templates of other visual models.