Requirements Gathering Templates & Tools

Each project requires a unique mix of models and tools. Below, we provide a few basic requirements gathering templates to get you started in the requirements elicitation and documentation process. These are not all the tools you’ll need for your requirements project (a good place for a more comprehensive list of model templates is Visual Models for Software Requirements), but they will help your through some of the initial stages.

Requirements Estimation Tool
One of the biggest difficulties every project faces is deciding how much time and how many resources to devote to requirements gathering and documentation. We have created a tool for calculating all facets of the requirements estimate. The assumptions in this estimation tool are based on Seilevel’s experience on years of actual projects. The instructions tab is where you will find detailed help on how to use the estimation tool for business analysts.

Tools For Requirements Gathering Sessions
Seilevel’s Senior Product Managers have created this guide to help you develop more effective Use Cases. It also covers techniques to trigger thoughts and questions to ask in requirements gathering sessions.


RML Use Case Template
This is a concise description of all the elements contained in a complete Use Case. You can find additional resources related to RML and using visual requirements models at