Managed Analyst Services Program

Introducing Seilevel Managed Analyst Services for Enterprise, a unique way for Enterprise IT to contract for expert product management resources.  The Managed Analyst Services (MAS) program provides highly skilled requirements analyst, business systems analyst, business analyst, product manager, product owner, scrum master, and/or business architect human capital management services for Enterprise IT. This model allows for greater flexibility in both the overall cost of expert-level providers, and how and where they support the most urgent-need projects.

Managed Analyst Services Overview

Customers choose this managed analyst services program when they:

  • Want to lower their current consulting hourly rack rate
  • Are worried about the quality of agency Staff Aug talent pool
  • Are frustrated with the time it takes to ramp internal or contract resources on delivering quality business outcomes
  • Are concerned over the limited expert resources available in the local market for hire
  • Are anxious about how to build a team to deliver outcomes across one or more large strategic IT projects
  • Angry over current vendor hourly burn down and poor deliverables / poor alignment to SOWs

This managed IT services program offers competitive pricing on a team of Seilevel-trained resources who can deliver successful outcomes and exceed management expectations consistently. All Seilevel team members are skilled at adapting and applying our requirements reference methodology within our customers’ organization. Every team has a maximum ration of one senior lead resource for every three analyst-level resources. All of our projects are enhanced by architect-level Seilevel project reviews. By nature of working side-by-side with project teams, they inherently transfer knowledge and skills at the same time as delivering project success. Our resources can also be used to help screen candidates for full-time hire as well.

Seilevel collaborates with you to forecast your resource needs over the coming year, to find the appropriate level of agreement. We partner with you to share the risk around the resource needs, allowing you more ROI on your resource costs.


Example outcomes you can expect from this program:

  • Strategic project achieves 100% of target business outcomes
  • Features are traced and prioritized against business objectives to trim waste by 40% and increase user adoption to 100%
  • High-quality user stories that increase DevOps productivity and throughput by decreasing rework
  • Guaranteed skilled resources on day one and throughout the duration of the project
  • 30% faster ramp-up of teams on agile practices