Organizational Transformation

Organizational transformation is an extension of our Center of Excellence in which we explore your organizational challenges, create strategies for enhancement, and implement for strong sustainability. Our goal for your organization is to help your team evolve to reflect your overall organizational strategy. We do this by fostering a great business relationship with your entire team. The foundation that we create for your team will be easy to build upon for the entire organization.

Our approach to organizational transformation incorporates the entire project team, as well as company leadership.

Team Assessment:

We first start the transformation by simply surveying, interviewing and auditing your team and current organization processes.

Magnify & Identify:

We then identify the process and skill gaps that have the potential for improvement. We make sure to communicate these findings to the leadership and team.

Plan for Change:

This is the part where we develop a detailed roadmap of process and skill transformation to help the team function at optimal level. Once this conversation commences, it is important to have everybody understand the opportunities that can arise from this change. By placing a quantifiable success metric for your organization, we aim to create high value within your team. We then highlight how these new processes and skills can translate to your entire organization.

Same Page, Same Goal:

When equally creating a roadmap, we aim for 100% buy-in from the leadership and team. This transformation will ultimately benefit the team individually and further for the development of the organization. We place a special emphasis in this phase because EVERYBODY will be involved and affected.

Implement & Integrate:

In this phase we get to work! We conduct customized trainings on our best practices and how to use them within your team and on projects. We also provide you with a wide tool selection to help with organizing your data, projects, people, and objectives. Once the team starts testing these tools, we will be working side-by-side in helping them understand how to properly use them within certain projects. After seeing the positive results of this tool integration within the team, it will be a seamless process to implement within the rest of the organization. The leadership and team will be the experts of the organization in spreading the transformation.