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Author David Gardner

Scrumism: “Working Software is Your Best Offense”

The second of the four points in the Manifesto for Agile Software Development is that we value “Working software over comprehensive documentation”.   This is not to say that you don’t need documentation, but it does bring me to my Scrumism in this blog – working software is your best offense. A …

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Scrumism: “Current Course and Speed”

One thing Scrumism teams get used to when I’m working with them is “current course and speed.”  I especially take care to explain this concept if I’m working with management, or those who aren’t very familiar with things like backlogs and velocity. When presenting a roadmap, you basically lay out what …

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Scrumism: “Let the Team Decide”

The Agile Manifesto says we value individuals and interactions over processes and tools, which is where the idea of “self-directing teams” gets its genesis.  When an organization is feeling its way in bringing in agile approaches, there can be some stumbling along the way as they shift from telling developers …

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Scrumism: “Scrum is Infectious”

So one of the cool things about Scrum is that it is fun to do.  If you are an engineer, you got into the field because you like to build shiny things and see them work.  Scrum lets you concentrate on a small increment, get it done and working, and …

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Scrumism: “You Live and Die by the Backlog”

We sometimes get caught up in the mechanics of delivering software and forget to give the requirements the attention they need.  In the agile / Scrum world, the requirements are housed in the Product Backlog (which I’ll just call the “backlog” in this article).  There is a pattern I’ve seen …

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One of our senior consultants at Seilevel once gave me some sage advice.  I had asked him what the secret was to being a great consultant, and without hesitation he said “correctly predicting the future”.  We help our customers in all sorts of ways, but helping them chart a course …

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Pretending Agile

It’s fun to ask a company or a team if they are using agile development methodologies. You might get a “no”, but you rarely get a “yes” that isn’t followed up with a “but…”. The “but” can be simple little things like the team doesn’t self-organize, or be something a …

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One Stop Shopping

I get asked about my favorite tips and tricks for writing stories in an agile backlog.  One of my tips is to make it EASY for the engineers – give them “one stop shopping”.  Engineers aren’t lazy, but they don’t like having to hunt about for the documents and other …

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