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Author Joy Beatty

How To Redesign an Organization Without Freaking People Out

Last month I was honored to speak at BBC in San Antonio. My talk was entitled “How to Redesign an Organization, Processes, and Technology all at Once Without Freaking People Out!” The biggest challenges in these major changes are the people and dependencies between the people, their processes, and the technology …

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How to Get Executive-Level Support for Business Analysis

It probably goes without saying that PMI’s foundational standard on business analysis has an obvious audience—those who actually do business analysis as part of their everyday job. It’s pretty unlikely executives or CIOs are going to pick it up for some light reading. That’s why I wanted to use this …

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Tracking Project Status with Requirements

“How are you coming on implementing that subsystem, Yvette?” asked the project manager, Dave. “Pretty good, Dave. I’m about 90 percent done.” Dave was puzzled. “Didn’t you say you were 90 percent done a couple of weeks ago?” he asked. Yvette replied, “Yes, I thought I was, but now I’m …

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Ask Joy: What if I don’t have a requirements management tool?

Angela asks “For a company without a requirements management tool, can you suggest methods or models for tracking requirements relationships across different workstreams (aka silos)?” Obviously using a tool is best, but unfortunately many companies don’t budget to allow using a tool. Over time, hopefully we can help them see …

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Answers from Joy: When and why do BAs use BPMN?

I recently got a question from Zbigniew of http://bpmtips.com/ to address: “Why, when and how should business analysts use BPMN?” So I love the question about when BAs should use BPMN and I’d add to your question of “when” by also asking “if” they should at all. BPMN is a …

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Specifying Quality Requirements With Planguage

How often has a customer asked you to write software that is user-friendly, robust, fast, or secure? No one will argue that those are worthy goals that everyone wants in their software products. However, they are terrible requirements. They give you no idea of just what “user-friendly” means, or how …

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