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Author Joyce Grapes

Multitasking: Really, Don’t Do It

Kristin’s post Multitasking:  Don’t Do It prompted me to do something I’ve been meaning to do for a while—find the statistic on the percentage of people who actually do effectively multitask. I don’t know if the search gods were friendlier than they were on  my earlier attempts to find it, …

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Musing on Unmuting a Phone and Design

I cannot be trusted to unmute a phone.  I have a history of hanging up instead of unmuting. I can admit this, because I know I’m not the only one.  When it happens, I blame the phone–the visual cues are all wrong.  The phones that trick me are the ones …

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UX fun–take the quiz!

I just had some fun, so I thought I would share–the User-Experience Quiz: 2015 UX Year in Review by the Nielsen Norman Group is only 10 questions, and does a nice job of refreshing/checking knowledge on some pertinent usability topics.  Check it out!

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Perfectionism—Use it Like a Tool

On  an  episode of Well Read, Elizabeth Gilbert makes the interesting case that perfectionism is really fear (starting at 6 minutes, 58 seconds).  She also addresses this in her blog post about avoiding the perfectionism trap, where she states “…I think perfectionism is just a high-end, haute couture version of …

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RML Model: User Interface Flow

I recently needed to show how the pages of a log-in process interacted.  I started writing a process flow, then switched to a system flow, but in both cases was fighting the model—I wanted to show both what the user was doing and the system decisions.  I also wanted to …

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What Makes a Great Business Partner?

A colleague and I were talking about past projects.  When I mentioned one of my favorites, he was surprised–he thought people found the business partner on that project to be “difficult”.  Not me—she met all my criteria for a great business partner: They know their stuff. They provide you sufficient …

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Tips for Password Creation

I’ll admit it, passwords are a sore spot with me.  I hate making them up.  I hate remembering them.  One of my criteria for deciding whether or not to get new software is if it is worth another password. Password Creation: 3 Ways To Make It Easier by Katie Sherwin …

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Business Analyst Tip: Seilevel Approach Works

I still remember my first project at Seilevel, more than 9 years ago. I struggled with the information flood and came out of that project with at least one clear goal:  to get better at acquiring new information.  In October, I started on a new project with a new client …

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