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How to be a better ally

Recently, I attended a happy hour with a team of software developers I’d been working with. I looked around the table and realized that I was the only woman in attendance. It startled me because it was unusual, but it led me to consider the slow changes I’ve witnessed to …

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Multitasking: Really, Don’t Do It

Kristin’s post Multitasking:  Don’t Do It prompted me to do something I’ve been meaning to do for a while—find the statistic on the percentage of people who actually do effectively multitask. I don’t know if the search gods were friendlier than they were on  my earlier attempts to find it, …

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Using Machine Learning to Derive Business Rules

Very nearly every project that we work on as analysts has business rules.  Business rules aren’t functional requirements – they are modifiers to functional requirements.  For example, we may have functional requirements that relate to adjudicating a credit application, and the functional requirement is to take the application in, and …

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