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    Here’s the Team

    Welcome to our Seilevel Photo Op.

Measuring Value Add

In our last project review, the question was raised “Can you show the value you are adding to this project?”.  My immediate thought was, “Yes, I can put together a Cost Benefit Analysis!”, but it can be really difficult to itemize consulting contributions.  It is pretty straight forward to calculate …

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When Your Job Becomes Your Life

I wanted to  share some interesting thoughts about my job as I approach my one year anniversary here at Seilevel. At first glance, the title might elude to a worker who is frustrated, but I assure you that is not the case. In fact, it is the exact opposite. If …

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Digitization and Our Future

Digitization has been a huge buzz word this year. I’ve heard some people equate it to another Industrial Revolution: the Digital Industrial Revolution. What is digitization? What does that mean? What is the Internet of Things or the Internet of Everything? How will I be impacted? These are all great …

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