Business Analyst

What is the professional Business Analyst?

Lately I’ve been thinking to myself, “What does it mean to be a professional?” It’s a word no doubt you’ve heard thrown around, often in a cavalier way. People take one look at another person and say, “They are not professional,” or view the actions of another and think, “A …

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Risky Business

When you hear the terms “risky” and “invites failure,” do you imagine a successful project methodology? The debate between waterfall and agile methodologies can be found in any analysts’ meeting of the minds. The linear approach of waterfall methodology runs the project in one large cycle. Agile methodology takes the …

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The Top 50 Things a Business Analyst Can Delegate

It isn’t news that most business analysts don’t have enough time. Especially senior resources, who are loaded up with work because they are the only ones in the organization who can do some of the more valuable tasks. The only way to clear time for those tasks is delegate their other work …

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