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Business Analyst Tip: Context Matters

In an episode of “The Big Bang Theory”, Leonard arrives home with his arms full of food and says “I hope you’re hungry” to which Sheldon responds “Interesting. A friendly sentiment in this country, cruel taunt in the Sudan. It’s a lesson in context.”  The humor may be dark, but …

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Nest thermostat is my favorite product

I truly love my Nest thermostat. I had a thermostat that was supposed to be internet connected, however, it never worked. It was associated with a static IP address and I always had to flip the breaker to get it to work. I was once in Chicago, wanted to turn …

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Adding More Dimensions to Your Feature Trees

One of the most useful models we have here at Seilevel, at least in my opinion, is the Feature Tree. It allows you to show a high-level view of all the features in a project (ideally on one page) so that stakeholders, analysts and developers alike can ensure a complete …

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