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Everybody Loves Zombies!

My film-student daughter is currently working on her fourth movie gig – an indie zombie movie being shot here in Austin. While I admit to really not getting the whole zombie thing, I’m excited that she’s getting so many opportunities to do the work she loves. This time around she …

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How to Win an Argument with your Girlfriend

As an RA, I have to solve problems by searching through background documents and listening to stakeholders. Every day I am in charge of creating models that help create a successful project. One of the models that we use at Seilevel is the Business Objectives Model, to understand what our …

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Business Analyst Tip: Context Matters

In an episode of “The Big Bang Theory”, Leonard arrives home with his arms full of food and says “I hope you’re hungry” to which Sheldon responds “Interesting. A friendly sentiment in this country, cruel taunt in the Sudan. It’s a lesson in context.”  The humor may be dark, but …

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