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Negotiating with Stakeholders

One of the toughest aspects of being a product manager or a business analyst is to get people to agree.  Especially when they have different wants,  ideas and opinions on the features the product must have.  Negotiating with our stakeholders is a must. Of course, part of our job as …

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Zwift: A case study in product management.

It’s only 6AM on a Wednesday, but I’ve already gotten my butt kicked by over a hundred cyclists from around the world. We rode through the rolling hills outside London and sprinted to the finish line under Big Ben’s shadow. Most of us rode “unattached,” others as a team and …

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How to Get Executive-Level Support for Business Analysis

It probably goes without saying that PMI’s foundational standard on business analysis has an obvious audience—those who actually do business analysis as part of their everyday job. It’s pretty unlikely executives or CIOs are going to pick it up for some light reading. That’s why I wanted to use this …

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