Creating a Requirements Center of Excellence

The effort to mature your business analyst organization often has implications for systems analysts, change management teams, and QA/testing teams. If building a Business Analyst Center of Excellence (BA COE) does not encompass the aforementioned groups, your organization may benefit from a Requirements Center of Excellence.

A Requirements Center of Excellence adds similar value to that of a BA COE:

  • Saving time and resources by increasing process and project efficiencies
  • Defining the most valuable features needed for an effective system or solution, cutting scope and reducing the risk of project failure
  • Increasing internal and external customer satisfaction
  • Improving external customer experience overall, increasing retention and new customer creation

Much like the creation of a BA COE, the creation of a Requirements COE is iterative, and stages build upon each other.

  • Stage 0: Ad Hoc. There is no requirements maturity. Requirements are created ad hoc, project scope is based on “squeaky wheel” direction. The Requirements COE vision is laid out; influencers and strategy stakeholders are identified.
  • Stage 1: Individual. Although individual efforts across BAs, QA/Testing, Systems Analysts, and Change Management may align with business strategy, there is no consistent measurement of business return.
  • Stage 2: Team. Teams now share an understanding of business objectives; some individuals may share an awareness of strategy. While individual projects may be measured for return, there is no organization-wide validation of project return yet.
  • Stage 3: Business Unit. There is strong portfolio management across multiple teams. Teams and finance consistently define and evaluate the project return across the portfolio. More than one business unit may be at this level of maturity.
  • Stage 4: Organization. Throughout the organization, there is strong portfolio management based on organizational strategy. The scope of projects is aligned with the strategy, and the entire portfolio is regularly analyzed for business return.

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