Software Requirements Workshops

Interactive, project-based Software Requirements Workshops 

“Training experiences powered by real-world project work”

Seilevel facilitates a group workshop that allows students to apply concepts learned in our software requirements courses to their current projects. Seilevel’s consultants guide participants as they build high quality deliverables, all the while reinforcing valuable concepts and techniques.

Unlike traditional training experiences, Seilevel’s customized workshops offer participants a chance to learn industry-leading techniques on the job, making valuable progress on an actual project while learning new essential skills. While learning through training is important to create a consistent baseline of knowledge and skills, it is typically not sufficient to significantly change behaviors. Practicing the skills on project work is the fastest way to ensure the training concepts are not forgotten. Workshops provide an accelerated practice environment for your teams.

Common Topics

Workshop content is highly customizable for your organization. Examples of common workshop topics include:

  • Understanding and modeling business problems/objectives
  • Requirements models: ecosystem map, process flows, display-action-response models, and report tables
  • Business analysis agile concepts

Workshop Structure

Seilevel workshops are customized with our customer’s specific organization in mind. Our ability to tailor our workshops to your organization, allows us to create training that is perfectly suited for any skill level. We look forward to sharing our proven approach to develop industry-leading Business Analysts and Product Managers with your organization.

For purposes of intense interaction, we recommend workshops are limited to 5-15 people, though a few more can be accommodated. Participants in workshops are commonly grouped by role (e,g. various business analysts) or by project teams (e.g. business analyst, PM, developer, tester all from the same project). Typically workshops are scheduled for half day, full day, or multi-day sessions. The time, location and content covered are tailored to focus on your team’s needs. Contact us today to learn more.

About our Instructor/Consultants:

Drawing on our 15 years of business analysis experience, Seilevel’s hybrid Instructor/Consultants incorporate current project work and deliverables into specialized requirements training. Our instructors can help a team resolve project roadblocks quickly by removing common barriers to thought, using guided facilitation and proven analysis techniques.


Anyone can attend, though most commonly we have business analysts, product managers, product owners, business stakeholders, developers, testers, and project managers.