Careers at Seilevel

Who are we and what do we do at Seilevel? We are IT Product Managers that design software for our Fortune 1000 clients.

The people we hire are the best at what they do. Each employee is hand-selected through a challenging interview process that ensures they have the qualities needed to become world-class requirements experts. The people we want to work with share our belief in integrity, customer focus, and excellence, and will use these values to guide their decisions.

Our analysts are constantly learning and putting that new-found knowledge to use for our clients. Formal training, self study and actual project-related work are all used to foster the development of a skill set that is in high demand. At Seilevel, we train people to be leaders in the field of requirements and leaders of our client teams.

Seilevel offers competitive pay, great benefits including medical, dental, vision, life insurance, a 401k plan, and 20 days paid vacation a year for all full time employees.

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Our Values include:

Life — We encourage everyone to live a life they love. Whether that is focused on family, community, professional growth or personal growth is up to you.

Integrity — We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards. We will never compromise our integrity and we will always honor our commitments. We value open communication and intellectual honesty.

Focus on Customers — We will do what’s right to make our customers successful.

Excellence — We have an uncompromising commitment to excellence and are constantly striving to improve. We value outstanding execution, but more importantly, excellent outcomes.

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