Seilevel’s Business Architects

Anthony Chen, President and Founder, Seilevel Over the past 15 years, Anthony has worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies. He is responsible for the strategic growth of Seilevel and the development of innovative software requirements techniques, including Objective Chains; the Business Objectives Model; the Objectives, People, Systems, and Data classification (OPSD); and RML®.

In addition to his business and innovation leadership, Anthony has written extensively on software requirements techniques, experiences, and ideas. Some of his writing can be found on the Seilevel blog. He earned Bachelor of Science degrees in both Electrical Engineering and Microbiology from the University of Illinois, and a Master of Science in Medical Microbiology and Immunology from Texas A&M University.

joy pic for websiteJoy Beatty, Vice President, Research and Development Joy drives creation and implementation of new methodologies and best practices that improve requirements elicitation and modeling. She assists Fortune 500 companies as they build business analyst centers of excellence. Joy has provided training to thousands of business analysts.

Joy is an active leader in the requirements community, serving on boards of multiple industry organizations. She is currently on the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) core team for updating A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK). She has presented at numerous requirements-related conferences and speaking events. Additionally, she writes about requirements methodologies in journals, white papers, and blog posts. Joy graduated from Purdue University with Bachelor of Science degrees in both Computer Science and Mathematics.


Betsy Stockdale photo

Betsy Stockdale is a Business Architect at Seilevel. She is responsible for leading projects to develop requirements following Seilevel’s Requirements Modeling Language (RML).  Betsy’s experience includes developing requirements for a variety of systems such as: policy administration system, online reconstruction program, card on file for future purchases, loan origination system, online site search, online product support, web services, project management, tool integrations, and business process design. She provided training for numerous organizations, and presented at events such as IIBA and PMI chapter meetings and Product Camp Austin.

Betsy has worked with clients such as Shell, Union Bank, Argo Group, Dell, Discovery Channel, Dollar Store, Blue Cross/Blue Shield NJ, ARM, Pervasive, TYSY, Citigroup, Wellpoint, and Credit Suisse.

James pictureJames Hulgan is a Business Architect at Seilevel. He ensures that clients’ software projects deliver the most return on investment, and help define problems their IT projects should solve.  James’ experience includes managing implementation of requirements for SAP rebates in SAP CRM and R/3; and negotiated for most valuable features resulting in more than a 20x return on investment resulting in savings of over $25 million. He planned and coordinated requirements gathering, QA testing, and UAT testing across multiple time zones (including Asia), implemented requirements best practices across entire organization, and negotiated with stakeholders to implement features, which resulted in increased wafer yields and least possible wafer scrap.

As a Requirements Architect and Product Management consultant, James developed a business case to narrow project scope to increase time to market, and led a team of product managers and business analyst to deliver requirements on budget. He has also presented for several IIBA chapter meetings and professional development days across the U.S.

Ajay Badri (Web)

Ajay Badri is a Business Architect at Seilevel. Over the past seven years, Ajay has worked on many enterprise class applications for F100 global technology clients, and has provided requirements training to over 100 different students in the US and India.  He has over 10 years of experience in the software development field.

Ajay’s experiences includes training and mentoring business analysts and product managers to define requirements and manage scope. He has presented for several IIBA chapter meetings and professional development days across the U.S. As a Requirements Architect and Product Management consultant, Ajay developed a business case to narrow project scope to increase time to market, and led a team of product managers and business analysts to deliver requirements on budget.

talbot headshotMarc Talbot is a Business Architect with Seilevel. Marc has helped customers elicit, develop, and manage requirements on a wide variety of customer projects including application development and complex integration initiatives. He has also helped to create and deliver Seilevel’s requirements training curriculum, which covers topics from understanding the fundamentals of requirements, to tips and techniques to elicit requirements, to a detailed review of requirements models and how to use them.

Prior to Seilevel, Marc performed numerous roles with Axalto and Schlumberger. He has a BS in Engineering Physics and a Masters in Computer Science, both from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Outside of work, Marc’s passions include Tae Kwon Do, target shooting, and traveling the world. He is fluent in Thai.